In Taylor we trust!

Everyone knows that there’s a certain trust that’s essential between a hairdresser and a client. Rarely do you regularly invite any professional into your personal space, as you do your hairdresser…and this has a psychological effect, not just a physical one. Your visit to your hairdresser is often the most relaxing ‘time-out’ or ‘me-time’ in your busy schedule. It’s true that clients become more like friends and many people confide secrets to their hairdresser that they wouldn’t to many of their other friends, family and colleagues. Perhaps this trust is a natural extension of the fact that most people are fairly fragile when it comes to their own self image and you learn to trust your hairdresser with how you percieve yourself, as well as how the world percieves you.

This week we read a really fabulous account by journalist Milica Milly Stilinovic (from ‘Living plus Lifestyle’) about the trust that has developed between herself and our own Taylor Redman. To read the full article, here’s the link: …but here’s a great testiment to Taylor’s talent from the article:

“I have spent many an afternoon with Redman, usually leaving my locks in the hair savant’s capable hands. He once painstakingly took hours to turn my blonde locks into a beautiful honey brown. He has flipped honey brown into an edgier balayage. He’s lopped the length, highlighted, retouched and styled with an air of ease usually not seen in someone so young. He had converted me into an uptown/downtown Ngata girl from the moment we had our first styling experience. In Redman I trust.”

Well done, Taylor. And thank you Milly for your beautiful article.

Taylor with Milly

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