Guest blog: DJ superstar, Kate Monroe

Get to know who may be sitting in the chair next to you at Brad Ngata Hair Direction…

Kate Monroe Brad Ngata Hair

Kate with shiny pink hair colour by Rennae

What music are you currently listening to? What’s your fave track?

If I hear one more Chet Faker tune I don’t know what I might do….Prayer in C Robin Shulz is an antidote.

Who is your DJ icon?

Stephen Allkins

A phrase I use far too often is…

“Hurry up Xavier” (to my son, I need to chill!)

What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe?

My collection of Nike Sky Highs…I want Gold

What is the one skin care product you can’t live without?

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and YSL Touche Eclat

If you could only have three things in your gym/DJ bag (aside from wallet, keys and phone) what would they be?

My running shoes, Lululemon tights and my ipod!

What is your favourite vacation destination?

It’s about to be Karma Kanadara in Bali! 24th September…

What is your favourite restaurant / café?

Bazara overlooking Coogee beach.

Where would I find you on a rare Saturday night off?

In front of my BBQ in Maroubra with my girl, my son and my Frenchie and Tequila

What is one hair product you can’t live without? (Tell us about your hair!)

The only product I couldn’t live without is Brad – he makes me look cool!

A common misperception of me is…

Don’t know? I’m pretty straightforward… not much not to see.

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