Going Gaga over hair couture!

All of us at Brad Ngata bow down to the amazing talent of stylist, Charlie Le Mindu! His recent creation for Lady Gaga  – a lilac wig dress – made us stop breathing, it was so GLAMAZING! A few years ago Brad, Glenn and the team created a whole Hair Couture collection which was featured in Oyster magazine and we thought it might be timely to revisit it below…the photographer was fabulous Jez Smith (most recently filmed for the US version of ‘Top Model’), makeup was by Maude Toohey, hair was by Brad and team, and – it may surprise you to know that all the garments (except one made by Brad) were fashioned by Glenn! (He has a creative bent as well as being our business brain!)

Here’s Charlie Le Mindu’s amazing dress…

And here’s the Brad Ngata Hair Couture collection:


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