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    "Step into my world. Explore this site and let my team and I take you on a journey through a series of blogs and pages that we hope will inspire you, reflect your personal style, entertain, educate...and even amuse you a little! We hope you enjoy your exploration and we look forward to servicing you personally in the salon soon".

    For appointments: 284 CROWN ST, DARLINGHURST (02) 9281 1220

‘Downtown’ @ Darlo

 284 Crown St, Darlinghurst, 2010

PHONE (02) 9281 1220

The shingle out the front exclaims “You’re the star, sweetheart!” and this salon certainly lives up to that promise. Positioned across two adjoining terraces and located in the creative ’Soho-like’ area of Darlinghurst, Brad Ngata Hair Direction has forged an international reputation over the past decade.  Unlike other salons, there’s no battery-hen formula here. Full length Phillippe Stark mirrors give you a sense of your own ‘star quality’,and puctuating the space are a host of  quirky touches that bring playfulness and soul to the place: mirror mosaic contrasts with rich caverns of natural sandstone; fishtanks are suspended from the ceiling; refreshments are served from delicate gold rimmed porcelain; iconic images add comfort, humanity and a spiritual dimension to the place. Surprisingly, with so much to stimulate a client, they often comment that they find it peaceful and refreshingly down to earth.

Brad takes Culture magazine on tour of the new Darlinghurst digs…

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