Day 4: Brad at Perth Fashion Festival

Designer Capsule #3

The crowd was wowed at the exciting Designer Capsule #3 showcase, with three popular designers – Empire Rose, Breathless, and Nikki Loueze – demanding media attention with their innovative designs and spectacular staging. The boldest offering came in the form of ‘tribal techno warriors’  from the iconic label, Empire Rose by Kathryn Cizeika. Brad’s inspiration for the hair came from his research on traditional African headdress…”I was inspired by how African women use berries, foliage and mud to create striking head adornment”, explained Brad, “…so I hit the craft shops of Perth for for anything that we could use to mimic these looks whilst giving a more modern, fluoro, and dazzling interpretation”. Brad and the L’Oreal team added flashes of shine with glitter, halos of tinsel and pom-poms, exaggerated ponytails with bound horse-hair, bejewelled braiding, and spray-painted wigs…all adding a touch of warrior-princess whimsy to Empire Rose’s bright dip-died silks, bright digital prints, Kaftans and cute onesees.

“L’Oreal Australia creative director, Brad Ngata, was given free reign for the show and applied colourful wigs, hair-pieces, extensions, glitter and pompoms…the effect was awesome!”  – Perth Now

In extreme contrast to Empire Rose’s tribal offering, Breathless, took the audience on a trip to Versailles with sumptuous baroque-inspired classics. For this designer, Brad designed a classic outside braid with the added drama of  a veil. The third designer in the showcase, Nikki Loueze, cut through with striking black and white  pieces inspired by Edward Scissorhands and featuriing unique draping and clever construction. The extreme contrast of black/white in the clothing, was carried through in the hair brief with Brad developing a wet/dry contrast effect – slick, glossy hair at the front transitioning to a dry tumbled texture at the back.

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